cleaning service in Copenhagen – Pickup and conveyance at your doorstep

On the off chance that you are worn out on setting off to the neighborhood cleaner to have your garments laundered, at that point you have gone to the opportune spot! Washa is Copenhagen’s laundry administration with pickup and conveyance at your street number.

Have your garments laundered while you are working! – We likewise offer our administration to organizations as an office administration for you and your partners. Peruse progressively about our office administration in the area “Organization cleaning”.

Grant winning cleaning service

Washa is an honor winning cleaning administration that deals with both your laundry and clothing while you center at the things you genuinely care about.

In Copenhagen we gather and return your garments each of the seven days of the week:

On weekdays we get from 7.00 AM to 9.00 PM and in ends of the week from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

Put in your request before 2.00 PM on weekdays and we will get your garments after 5.00 PM that day. We return your garments in only 24 hours!

Outside of Copenhagen we coordinate with GLS about the circulation of your garments. Get more data about our administration with GLS in the area “cleaning administration outside of Copenhagen – GLS”.


Washa – vaskeanvisning

How it functions

To utilize our administration in Copenhagen and have your suits, dresses, overcoats, coats and coats or shirts laundered, just pursue the few stages underneath:

Make a free client and request pickup and conveyance to your location

We gather your laundry – if it’s not too much trouble have your garments prepared for pickup

Your garments get a top notch cleaning before being delicately pressed

We return your garments to you on holders perfectly covered in plastic

Premium cleaning of your garments

Rest guaranteed that your garments are in the most ideal hands. We will make a point to give your garments an immaculate cleaning and return your garments to you all around great.

When gathering your garments at your favored location, we will put all laundry articles in a single pack, and in the event that you have standard clothing also it must be isolated from the laundry.

At the point when your garments land at our generation offices, specialists will cautiously adhere to the directions in the consideration mark of your articles of clothing for cleaning. This guarantees your garments get the correct cleaning.

Your garments will be laundered with quality solvents, trailed by expert pressing, lastly set on holders and perfectly enveloped by plastic to keep your garments crisp in transit back to you.

Washa – vaskeanvisning

Our moderate costs on cleaning

Despite the fact that we offer a top notch entryway to-entryway administration with an immaculate cleaning of your laundry articles, our costs stay low on all items! Beneath we assembled the costs on a portion of our most well known cleaning items. You can see our full pricelist here.

Most prevalent cleaning items:

109 kr. – some jeans laundered

109 kr. – 1 overcoat laundered

209 kr. – 1 dress laundered

218 kr. – 1 suit laundered

169 kr. 1 coat or coat laundered

25 kr. – 1 shirts washed and pressed


Fixed rebate with a Washa participations

Pursue one of our participations and get a fixed limits on different cleaning items like shirts, suits, dresses, pants, jackets, and that’s just the beginning. Moreover, when pursuing a Washa participation we will evacuate all pickup and conveyance charges from your future requests.


Organization cleaning – best office administration in Copenhagen

We offer our office cleaning administration to organizations situated in Copenhagen where we get and convey in their available time. We generally clean their shirts, suits, and dresses. In any case, a few organizations like beauticians, dental specialists, and others use Washa to have their ordinary clothing done like towels, bedlinen, and so forth.

Our office administration has turned out to be very prominent among a wide range of organizations that are situated in Copenhagen – more than 300+ organizations have officially pursued our office administration.


Cleaning administration outside Copenhagen – GLS

Need to utilize our administration outside of Copenhagen? – No stresses!

You can utilize Washa any place you live in Denmark. Nonetheless, we just gather and convey to your doorstep in Greater Copenhagen.

Outside of Copenhagen we have built up a joint effort with GLS in regards to the conveyance of your garments. This implies you just need to leave your garments in your closest GLS-parcelshop, when you have put in your request at our site.

The turnaround time on GLS requests is only 4-5 business days whereafter you will almost certainly get your spotless garments at your favored GLS-parcelshop.